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No empty promises, just results

  • We develop ...

    ... concepts and campaigns for content-driven lead generation for our customers for more than 20 years. Our success in doing so can be highlighted by a single statistic: 70% of our new customers come to us through recommendations.

  • We design ...

    ... and create high-quality content for your digital communications and help you establish a suitable communication infrastructure – whether you’re looking to acquire new customers or want to achieve the best possible results with your existing ones.

  • We know exactly ...

    ... what makes your B2B and B2C customers tick – and if we don’t, we’ll find out. It’s not about us quickly finding answers, but about us asking the right questions.

  • And ...

    ... as we don’t work with pre-made ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, we won’t use this space to describe any amazing tools and systems.

Less is more is better

We believe in the importance of disciplined,
creative and loyal collaboration.
That doesn’t just sound old school, it is. But in the best sense.

Digital is better

Leadstream helps your company to establish and optimise its digital marketing activities.

The choice is yours:


1 You want to obtain an external perspective on your ideas to challenge them in sparring mode.


2 You want us to fully develop and implement your campaigns and marketing activities.
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An external perspective on internal solutions

  • Consultants are usually engaged for one of the following reasons: The expertise and experience needed for a project are often unavailable, so there is no alternative but to bring in externals who can offer them.
  • In equally as many cases, the issue is not a lack of expertise, but a lack of capacity to make use of it.
  • Last but not least, consultants are used if an external perspective is needed to overcome hurdles and provide new stimuli.
  • Whatever the reason your company needs help with its current marketing and sales projects, Leadstream is here to support you with outstanding professional and social competence, a deep understanding of the topic area and a passion for detail.

Does your company want to significantly improve the performance of its websites and their ability to win new customers?

  • Your website is the heart of your digital marketing strategy. All of the measures you use to share your messages with the world aim to bring prospective customers to your website (or specific landing pages) and transform them from anonymous visitors to actual customers through the use of suitable content and dialogue services.
  • Leadstream designs and creates websites and landing pages that take all of these considerations into account and act as an effective source of leads.
  • With years of SEA and SEO expertise, we are proven specialists in successful search engine marketing.
  • Leadstream will design and optimise your online presence to make it an active tool for acquiring new customers and boosting sales.

    The success of this depends on a number of factors:

    • Does your website have a clear focus on functionality and content without neglecting visual appeal?
    • Is it likely to establish trust?
    • How is it faring with regard to usability and a clearly structured navigation?
    • And what about being consistent and up to date?
    • Is it search engine optimised?
    • What attractive call-to-action features encourage visitors to provide more information about themselves?

Content is King:
How to make yourself important to your target groups

  • Unlike classic outbound marketing, content marketing focuses on the consumer, not the product, and tries to offer genuine added value in the form of informative, consultative and entertaining content.
  • Leadstream is a specialist in the design and creation of such value-added content in words, images and audio format. This not only attracts the full attention of your target groups, but also that of the main search engines. After all, Google and co. love relevant content and this acts as a key ranking factor, ultimately determining whether your customers find their way to you.

Paid Search

  • All companies naturally dream of constantly appearing on the first page of the organic search results on Google and co. by offering quality content and meeting the criteria for all other key ranking factors. After all, it’s not without reason that it’s said that the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 …
  • However, even the very best website can’t always meet the requirements needed to appear at the top of the rankings.
  • The solution is paid search. This form of online marketing even has a number of advantages over the visitor traffic generated by organic hits:

    • Online ads generate immediate and relevant traffic.
    • Paid search makes it possible to define precise campaign objectives, accurately measure results and control costs. Campaigns can be quickly optimised during ongoing operations.
    • Paid search is also an effective method for raising the profile of a company and its brands.
    • Target groups can be specifically defined and addressed.
  • Leadstream uses high-performance AdWords campaigns to ensure that your company can benefit from all of these advantages.

Is your company looking for a simple way to start using marketing automation but has no expertise of its own in this area?

  • The more complex the products and services, the more complicated the sales cycle. The key is to be on prospective customers’ radar at all times throughout the cycle.
    Customers’ decision-making processes need to be actively supported with information. This process of lead nurturing is not only recommended as a way to acquire new customers, but also as a means of retaining existing customers or reactivating former ones.
  • Leadstream is one of Germany’s pioneers in marketing automation. We have already received multiple awards for our expertise and programs.
  • Marketing automation platforms are among the most powerful nurturing tools. These integrate databases, CRM synchronisation, automated communication with existing and prospective customers as well as comprehensive tracking and evaluation tools. Regardless of how effective such platforms are innately, the art lies in designing campaigns in such a way as to achieve measurable success.
  • Leadstream has already received many accolades for its automated campaigns. Awards such as “Partner of the Year” and “EMEA Campaign of the Year” prove that we rank among Germany’s leading specialists for marketing automation.
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  • Relicense GmbH
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  • Dassault Systemes
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  • SSP Europe
  • SVS-Vistek GmbH
  • Top Image Systems

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